Strong Brands Hand in Hand

SDS Diets is now part of the Competence Center for Lab Animal Science of SAFE®:

SDS Diets, former part of the family-owned UK company Dietex, is one of the largest suppliers of laboratory animal diets in Europe and the only dedicated manufacturer in the UK.

Strong Brands Hand in Hand
Strong Brands Hand in Hand

Outstanding Expertise in Diets

For more than a quarter of a century SDS Diets has been manufacturing precisely formulated and controlled diets, leading the way in accurate feeding for laboratory species. Alongside SAFE® Complete Care Competence, Europe’s No. 1 in feed and bedding, SDS Diets will in future be managed under one manufacturer’s roof. Therefore the laboratory animal science community profits from the synergetic expertise and leadership in premium laboratory animal diets.

Production to SAFE® (France)

The transition of the diets production from the SDS manufacturing site to SAFE® in France has been carried out already. The well-known SDS diets are no manufactured at SAFE® dedicated plant for Diets & Custom Diets in France.

All incoming orders and the order backlog are processed by the SAFE® team with immediate effect to ensure the best possible changeover for the customers, short delivery times and reliable product availability.

At FELASA 2022 (France), SAFE® Complete Care Competence surprises with breaking news!
At FELASA 2022 (France), SAFE® Complete Care Competence surprises with breaking news!

At FELASA 2022 (France), SAFE® Complete Care Competence surprises with breaking news!

Highest Quality Production Standard

The SAFE® production site is the most modern and well-certified plant in Europe, dedicated exclusively to laboratory animal science. Only diets specifically for this sector are being produced at quality standards, which are way higher than the sector averages: The dedicated plant of SAFE® is certified according to the Food Safety Standard which focuses on production conditions and providing an effective method for reducing threats. It defines the systematic approach to identify and control chemical, physical and biological hazards. In addition the ISO-certified environmental and energy management systems are an active contribution of SAFE® to protect the environment.

Fixed Formula, Improved Ingredients

The future production will comply with the formulation and specifications of the SDS products. SDS Diets will enter and also profit from SAFE®s long-term, approved supply chains for ingredients to ensure highest food security standards, traceability and absolute comparability of the diets. Cereals will be used exclusively in baby food quality and continuous monitoring and very detailed analyses are carried out regularly. In addition to the production facility, SAFE® has sufficient contracted capacity at multiple partners for irradiation. This results in significant shorter delivery times and improved product availability.

Worldwide Distribution and Technical Service

Accordingly, the SDS diets can profit from the worldwide distribution network of SAFE® which guarantees global availability and consulting. The SAFE® consulting and sales team with various local subsidiaries and partners is the competent and reliable contact worldwide and service partner for laboratory animal science.

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